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BSc (Hons) Psychology with Education

Course Description

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the human mind. At Middlesex University Dubai, we offer a solid grounding in modern psychology – a body of theoretical and practical knowledge concerning human behaviour and experiences. This program is designed to give students an advanced level of understanding of the way that psychological theories and research have influenced our understanding of child and adult learning and teaching in educational settings. The aim is to direct students to develop an appreciation of traditional and contemporary research, knowledge and applications in the domain. Psychology in Education provides a rich learning opportunity for students wanting to study educational psychology at Masters level and for those planning a career in teaching. The programmes provide a combination of core psychology courses along with modules pertaining to policy and practice in a range of classroom settings. This programme combines a broad education in Psychology with a specific attention to a specialization in Education. Graduates of the programme will be eligible and well-prepared to either getting higher qualification in applied fields of psychology or studying a PGCE to pursue a career in Education.

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Career outcomes

Equipped with a wide range of academic, practical and research skills the Psychology with Education graduates have significant career options working with children (or adults) in supportive learning contexts. They are hired by various Educational and psychology based organizations. Some graduates from this subject undertake further academic study often developing specific areas of interest within Psychology or Social Sciences. Student with Psychology majors who seek British Psychological Society (BPS) accreditation are eligible to take a conversion diploma in the United Kingdom after graduation. Postgraduate study and training is essential for those wishing to pursue the chartered psychology careers, which include counselling, clinical, organizational, educational and forensic psychology. Further study in another subject area would enable graduates to qualify for a range of careers in early childhood areas. Our Careers and Employability Service will offer you a range of support both while you are studying with us – and after you have graduated.

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Education Middlesex University, Dubai