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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts

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Offered by the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Crafts program includes several options: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Crafts - for undergraduate students who seek to become crafts professionals. Crafts Minor - for students enrolled in another visual art major who are interested in concentrating in Crafts. Dual Major: BFA in Crafts / MS in Art Education - provided for students interested in concentrating in Crafts and becoming certified to teach in Public School. Crafts Major As a crafts major, you will start your work with the foundation courses in drawing and design. You will begin to take courses in your major area in the second semester of your freshman year. After this semester, you will have craft courses each semester along with general education courses, including art history and electives. The program of study is outlined on the Crafts Check Sheet. The Crafts program offers four areas of specialization: Fibers Ceramics Fine Metal Wood & Furniture As a crafts major you will study weaving, wood, jewelry and metalcraft, and crafts design. Liberal arts courses in subjects such as oral communication, literature, music, psychology, the natural sciences and mathematics will broaden your horizons and enrich your educational experience.

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Career Opportunities If you choose to specialize in crafts, you will find career opportunities in craft production and related industries such as textiles and furniture making; fabric, ceramic and jewelry design; as well as in museums and art centers. Many crafts graduates also open their own studios.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts Kutztown University of Pennsylvania