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Actuarial Science with Diploma in Industrial Training BSc (Hons)

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If you want to start your career with a year’s work experience in hand, then you should consider this programme. It combines the rigorous studies of the BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science with a year-long work placement in level 4. Good performance means exemptions from professional examinations (CT1 – CT8) as well as 12 months’ experience of working in an organisation such as a life insurance company, a pension consultancy, an investment management firm or a bank. The Diploma in Industrial Training is gained through successful completion of this work placement. The work placement helps you to develop specific work-related skills, giving you the opportunity to apply and build upon the theory you learn in your studies. It allows you to take on real responsibilities, enhance your interpersonal skills through teamwork and communication and experience workplace culture. The Diploma is available to all students, including those from overseas, as it does not require a work visa. It is your responsibility to find a suitable work placement; acceptance onto the programme does not guarantee you a placement. If you are registered on the programme and are unable to find a suitable work placement before the end of level 3 then you can transfer to the standard BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science degree.

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Career outcomes

This is what our BSc (Hons)Actuarial Science and Diploma in Industrial Training students are doing six months after graduating: 69% are working 6% are studying 15% are working and studying. Managerial/professional position 77% of those working are in a professional/managerial position six months after graduating. Salary The average salary of students six months after graduating: £22000 The average UK salary of students six months after graduating from a similar programme: £21000 Jobs These are the most common jobs students go into six months after graduating: Business, research and administrative professionals Business and public service associate professionals Administrative occupations Information technology and telecommunications professionals Sales occupations Elementary occupations

Actuarial Science with Diploma in Industrial Training BSc (Hons) Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh