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Actuarial Science PgDip

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There are 12 courses available which correspond in total to CT1-CT8 of the actuarial professional syllabus. To meet university award requirements you must at least 8 of the 12 listed below. To achieve exemption from all of CT1-CT8 you must pass all 12 courses. Course Professional Subject Semester Financial Mathematics CT1 1 Finance and Financial Reporting CT2 1 Economics CT7 1 Statistical Methods CT3 1 Life Insurance Maths 1& 2 CT5 1 & 2 Stochastic Modelling/Survival Models CT4 1 & 2 Risk Theory/Time Series Analysis CT6 2 Financial Economics 1 & 2 CT8 2 For more detailed course descriptions, please visit our current student website.

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Career outcomes

The PG Diploma in Actuarial Science is designed for graduates, with strong mathematical skills, who are looking to kick start their career as an actuary. The programme is one of only a few postgraduate programmes accredited by the UK Actuarial Profession and significantly reduces the time taken to qualify as an actuarial fellow. Topics covered correspond to the CT1- CT8 series of the joint examinations of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries and students who perform well on the course can obtain exemption from some or all of these professional exams. Over its many years of operation, the programme has become firmly established and has been able to achieve a world wide reputation for quality of provision; it is wonderfully international – this year's class includes students from over 20 countries. Graduates will go on to practice in many sectors including finance, investment, risk management, insurance and pensions, working under the aegis of well established professional bodies. The roles will be varied, in line with the growing importance of actuaries as key arbiters of risk in business and financial processes.

Actuarial Science PgDip Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh