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Applied Languages and Translating (French/Spanish) MA (Hons)

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ALT and LINT follow the same structure for the first three years. The degrees focus on practical language skills, communication studies, European Studies and linguistics/translation studies.In both degrees two foreign or signed languages are studied to degree level. Level 3 is a compulsory placement year which is spent abroad at two partner institutions, or for British Sign Language (BSL) students, in work placement in the UK signing community for one of the two semesters. Students with only one language at post-Higher/A-Level follow an accelerated intensive language course during Level 1 and join the mainstream language courses from Level 2.

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Career outcomes

This is what our MA (Hons)Applied Languages and Translating (French/Spanish) students are doing six months after graduating: 75% are working 25% are studying 0% are working and studying. Managerial/professional position 80% of those working are in a professional/managerial position six months after graduating. Salary The average salary of students six months after graduating: £18000 The average UK salary of students six months after graduating from a similar programme: £17000 Jobs These are the most common jobs students go into six months after graduating: Teaching and educational professionals Artistic, literary and media occupations Business and public service associate professionals Media professionals Administrative occupations Elementary occupations

Applied Languages and Translating (French/Spanish) MA (Hons) Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh