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Applied Science BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Level 3

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Forensic Science is one of the most exciting and rewarding areas of science, and has recently been made famous by TV programmes like CSI, Dexter and recently, BBC’s Sherlock. On the Forensic Science course you'll learn the skills, knowledge and experience to begin your pursuit of a career within the forensic science industry. This course aims to provide practical and theoretical experience in the field of Science by providing a range of topics which reflect employment within Science organisations or organisations that use Science. During the 18 units of study, you’ll undertake a range of practical laboratory units, investigate current developments in human sciences, and gain an understanding of how science is applied to forensic situations. Within the theory learning, you will also examine the fascinating areas of Criminology Psychology, applications of forensic psychology as well as forensic evidence collection and analysis.

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Career outcomes

Students can continue their study further by embarking on a Higher Education degree course, or Foundation Degree in Science, Public and Emergency Service Management, as well as other related subject areas. Successful students will have opportunities to seek employment in the Police force, other investigative agencies, fire investigators, Insurance Fire Accident Assessors and Private Investigators.

Applied Science BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 City College Brighton and Hove