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Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Developer

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This two-year Ontario College Diploma program is designed to prepare students for careers as interactive multimedia developers in web and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM development. Today, many businesses and organizations want to communicate information through the Internet, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, kiosks, computer displays, digital signage and other digital equipment. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the hands-on component which is offered through courses in web development, digital imaging, authoring, animation, photography and video. The program covers the primary elements of multimedia planning and development and equal importance is given to the creative and the technical aspects. Students also complete individual and team-based multimedia projects. SUCCESS FACTORS This program is well-suited for students who: Are highly adaptable to today's technology. Are imaginative and enjoy solving problems. Enjoy a hands-on approach to learning about the multimedia industry. Enjoy working on projects in a team-based environment.

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Career outcomes

Interactive multimedia developers may be employed in a wide variety of positions which include animator, art director, audio and/or video technician, e-commerce developer, executive producer, graphic designer or artist, interactive designer, interface designer, Internet coder or programmer, Internet designer or developer, lingo or director programmer, multimedia designer or developer, multimedia manager, multimedia author or editor or writer, multimedia systems analyst, new media designer or developer or author or programmer, project manager, production assistant, production coordinator, production director, programmer, technical project lead, video or web producer, web designer or developer.

Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Developer Algonquin College