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Electrical Engineering Technician

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This two-year Ontario College Diploma program prepares students for career paths in the electrical, communications, manufacturing, utilities and protection fields. The program appeals to students whose interests go beyond operation of devices and equipment in their environment and extends to the challenges of understanding and analyzing the action and interaction of internal components. The curriculum covers core courses in electrical principles, codes, circuitry, control systems and machinery. Students also study AutoCAD, telecommunications, electronics, instrumentation and robotics. The program includes a strong practical component. Lectures typically introduce a new area of study and are immediately followed by practical experiments to further strengthen the student`s knowledge base.

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Career outcomes

Graduates may find employment as Electrical Engineering Technicians in the following areas: design and testing, manufacturing, installation and/or supervision, diagnostics and analysis of electrical, communication, utilities, and fire protection equipment and systems.

Electrical Engineering Technician Algonquin College