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Civil Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma)

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This three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program is a continuation of the Construction Engineering Technician program and allows graduates to pursue a wider variety of careers related to civil construction. Students focus on more advanced topics including project administration, civil estimating, design of steel structures, and highway and environmental engineering. In addition, students broaden their skills in other civil engineering sub-disciplines, such as statics, structural analysis, hydraulics, GIS, water and wastewater technology and geotechnical materials. This program offers two cooperative education (Co-op) Work Term(s) option. Qualified students with a minimum GPA of 2.7, have the opportunity to apply for paid co-op employment to gain valuable work experience and networks within industry. *See Additional Information for more details.

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Career outcomes

Similar to the Construction Engineering Technician program, graduates may find employment in many areas of the construction industry, including cost estimating of residential, commercial, and civil projects, surveying, project management, building inspection, materials testing and quality control and construction inspection. There is generally more opportunity for advancement for a graduate at the technologist level compared to the technician level.

Civil Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma) Algonquin College