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Diploma in Aviation Management – General Arts and Science

Course Description

This two-year Ontario College Diploma program, through a series of classroom-based courses and hands-on practical labs, provides students with the opportunity to develop the required level of proficiency to complete the Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Licence written examination (CPAER) and practical flight test. Algonquin College has contracted the Ottawa Flying Club and Ottawa Aviation Services to provide up to 250 hours of flight time experience. During the final term, students can select one of the following areas of specialization: flight instructor, Initial Airplane Type Rating (IATRA) or seaplane rating. Each of these options may offer students numerous opportunities for direct-entry jobs with aviation employers. Flight Training is a non-funded activity and is an additional cost to complete this program of study.

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Career outcomes

Graduates may find employment with charter service companies as line pilots flying passengers and freight, land or sea-based and single or multi-engine airplanes. Graduates who choose an Instructor rating may begin teaching ab-initio students on the principles of safe aircraft operations. Flight instruction is an entry-level position and one that is currently in demand worldwide. Due to the recent increase in hiring within the airline industry many instructors have moved into the airlines leaving employment opportunities for graduates.

Diploma in Aviation Management – General Arts and Science Algonquin College