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Bachelor of Building Science (2-Year Bridging Program) (Co-op)

Course Description

This four-year Bachelor of Building Science degree prepares graduates for opportunities in the construction industry and related fields that support and implement ongoing research and development related to building materials and building systems. Using a holistic approach, students develop an appreciation of buildings as a set of interconnected systems that can be built, modified, and adapted to meet requirements for functionality, energy consumption and human comfort. This program includes one mandatory co-operative education (Co-op) Work Term(s). Qualified students with a minimum GPA of 2.7 will be required to apply for paid co-op employment to gain valuable work experience and networks within industry.

Course Duration


Career outcomes

Graduates may work in architect`s offices, engineering firms, contracting companies and government agencies and departments as researchers, junior analysts, project officers, building specialists, technical staff, architectural and construction project team leaders and consultants.

Bachelor of Building Science (2-Year Bridging Program) (Co-op) Algonquin College