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Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments

Course Description

With specialisations in Architecture and Interior Design, the Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments engages students in a series of creative design projects that explore a future where social responsibility and environmental sustainability are key elements in the design and making of new buildings, places and spaces. You will develop innovative approaches, critical thinking, and the creative skills to respond to the challenging issues facing society and will learn to push the boundaries of architectural and design practice. The course is underpinned by substantial design studio and workshop components, integrated with studies in relevant histories and theories, building technologies, professional studies and design communication. You’ll also have opportunities to participate in the Learning-by-Making program that has been a special feature of the School’s learning experience for more than 25 years. The practical experience program is integrated throughout the degree, developing critical participatory skills and learning methods that are invaluable for when you graduate and are starting your future career.

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Career outcomes

The course prepares students for careers in the commercial, recreational and military shipbuilding industries, high-speed ferry industry, marine consultancy firms and in government in areas of commercial shipping, transport policy and administration and in insurance sector.

Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments University of Tasmania