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Bachelor of Agricultural Science (73M)

Course Description

The Bachelor of Agricultural Science provides a sound basis in the physical and biological sciences before you specialise in a broad range of agricultural science disciplines, giving you comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge suitable for careers all over the world. Your studies, assessment tasks and learning experiences will also help to develop additional workplace skills such as evidence-based problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making, effective communication and time management. These skills are in high demand by all employers and will serve you well no matter what industry you join. Areas of study covered in this course include, but are not limited to: Animal physiology and nutrition Crop production and plant nutrition Farm business management Food safety management Horticultural science and agronomy Microbiology and plant pathology Soil science and entomology Agricultural landscapes

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Career outcomes

Agricultural Science graduates can be found all over the globe, in the government and private sectors working indoors, outdoors, in the lab and in the field. The degree gives you the opportunity to travel, work and provide innovative solutions to the problems facing agriculture. The University of Tasmania collaborates closely with industry and organisations locally and internationally to give students exciting, challenging opportunities to start their careers and contribute to the community world-wide. Career options in Agricultural Science include the following jobs and industries: Agricultural research Agronomy Environmental sustainability Field officer Food safety and innovation Horticulture Industry consultancy Resource management Rural journalism Viticulture

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (73M) University of Tasmania