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Ancient History BA

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Degree Benefits UCL's exceptional strength and formidable range of expertise in Ancient History means that students on this degree programme are offered great scope for choice. Whilst this degree programme has an emphasis on ancient history, students are also encouraged to take advantage of the range of expertise in the department and explore later historical periods. Drawing upon the History Department, related UCL departments and relevant University of London colleges, the programme offers a wide variety of courses spanning extraordinary chronological breadth and geographical range. Exceptional resources, including the British Museum and British Library, are within walking distance, and other London-based museums and organisations provide unrivalled opportunities for accessing primary source material. The programme includes three first-year core courses, a further core course and a 5,000-word research project in the second year, a final-year special subject, and options chosen from a range of full-year and half-year courses. It is a special feature of this degree programme that students are required to take at least 1.0 credit in an ancient language to prepare them for working with documents in their Special Subject. No previous knowledge is required; we are committed to teaching these languages from complete beginner's level. The remaining credits can be chosen from the wide range of courses in ancient history, archaeology and classics as appropriate. Students are strongly encouraged to gain maximum benefit from the chronological range of expertise in the department by choosing at least one course in modern, early modern and medieval history. Your Learning Many of our courses include lectures, but our approach to learning mainly places emphasis on active student participation in seminar discussion (usually in groups of 15). Essays you write will be returned to you in individual face-to-face tutorials to provide constructive, personal feedback. Assessment Your work will be assessed by a mixture of examinations and written coursework. Significant weight is given to an extended essay based on original sources produced in your final year.

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The programme is designed to teach many transferable skills: how to gather and organise evidence; how to analyse it and present a structured argument; how to express yourself clearly both in writing and orally. UCL's history graduates have excelled in a wide range of occupations, as lawyers, financial advisers, stockbrokers, television producers, diplomats, journalists, bankers, teachers, and in the health service, the police and overseas development programmes, as well as in progressing to further study. Destinations First destinations of recent graduates (2009-2011) of this programme include: Full-time student, MPhil in Greek and Roman History at the University of Oxford (2010) Full-time student, Graduate Diploma in Law at the BPP Law School (2010) Research Executive, Greenlight (2009) Full-time student, MA in Ancient History at UCL (2009) Find out more about London graduates' careers by visiting the Careers Group (University of London) website:

Ancient History BA University College London