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Ancient World with a Year Abroad BA

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This flexible programme offers an almost entirely free choice of courses covering classical literature, history and archaeology, and does not require prior knowledge of Greek or Latin. In the first year, all students must take at least 1.0 credits of either Latin or Greek – they continue with this same language in the next year to complete the 1.5 credit requirement. All students must take one history course, one archaeology course, and one compulsory core course in their first year. The third year will be spent abroad, and in the fourth year, students must take the Extended Essay option.

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Career outcomes

Knowledge of languages such as Latin and Greek will allow you to develop mental agility and versatility, equipping you with the ability (amongst other things) to learn modern languages with comparative ease, opening up a wider range of possibilities in the future. The Ancient World with a Year Abroad BA is a rigorous and broad-ranging degree which qualifies you for a remarkably wide variety of jobs. The Classical Society hosts regular talks from former students which may help guide you in your future career choices. Career destinations in recent years have included: graduate study, teaching, law, computing, accountancy, marketing, banking, music (classic and popular), acting, the media, business, the voluntary sector, local government and politics.

Ancient World with a Year Abroad BA University College London