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Commercial Aviation Diploma

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The Commercial Aviation Diploma (CAD) program is for men and women who are interested in pursuing a career in commercial aviation. The program provides students with university-level business competencies as well as Transport Canada commercial aviation licensing requirements. Graduates are qualified to be employed as pilots with charter companies, regional carriers and private corporations, and upon attaining sufficient flying hours, will also have job opportunities with major airline companies. Graduates may also find employment in other aviation-related careers. The Commercial Aviation diploma program consists of two distinct and separate areas of study - aviation and flight training courses, and university-level academic courses. The flight training is taught at the Southern Interior Flight Centre facility located at the Kelowna International Airport and consists of Transport Canada-prescribed flight training, simulator training, aviation theory and exams. The business portion of the program is completed at Okanagan College and consists of two, 3-credit academic courses per semester for a total of eight 3-credit courses over a 24-month period. Notwithstanding general policies of Okanagan College, the academic courses must be completed concurrently with the flight training portion of the Commercial Aviation Program. Students must have prior approval from the Dean for any program modifications.

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