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Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources Management Specialty

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The Okanagan School of Business offers a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. This four-year program focuses on business in the Canadian and international context. Our degree graduates benefit from this highly practical program that provides students with hands-on business skills. The small class sizes, highly knowledgeable professors, and access to one of the largest cooperative employment programs in BC is what makes Okanagan College an excellent option for anyone looking to start a successful career in business. Human Resources Management specialty provides graduates with the specialized knowledge, skills and abilities regarding organizational systems and processes that focus on enhancing human behaviour in the workplace. The career path of graduates is aimed at either a generalist or specialist human resources management position.

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Career outcomes

Human Resources Management Career Opportunities: • Human Resources Manager/Specialist/Generalist • Personnel Consultant • Labour Relations Specialist • Safety Specialist • Mediator or Arbitrator • Benefits Manager/Salary Administrator • Recruiter • Corporate/Staff Trainer

Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources Management Specialty Okanagan College