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Ancient History and Archaeology BA Honours (VV14)

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This degree combines the study of ancient Greece and Rome with practical skill development in archaeological theory and techniques. Fascinating modules - such as Greek and Roman art, Hellenistic imperial history, and ancient moral philosophy - immerse you in ancient history. You can also study Latin or Greek language from beginners', intermediate or advanced level. You will learn to interpret the remains of ancient societies and gain the same practical training in archaeology as our Single Honours Archaeology students. Your hands-on experience includes: minimum of four weeks' excavation fieldwork, studying methods and practical skills used in professional archaeology practical sessions using historical artefacts from the collections at the University-led Great North Museum

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Career outcomes

Archaeology students enter a wide range of careers. The graduate job market includes careers in finance, marketing, law, the media, management, teaching and much else, and is as open to archaeologists as to any other graduates. Employers appreciate the combination of transferable skills which our degrees give you. Some of our students begin careers as professional excavators and archaeologists, others choose careers in museum and heritage work. Postgraduate courses cater for those wishing to specialise in various types of archaeological or historical work and these include opportunities for professional training and study in museum and heritage work. In addition, many graduates volunteer in museums or on excavations in the UK or abroad to increase their practical experience before taking up permanent employment. Other archaeology graduates use their skills and expertise as, for example, company archivists, information technologists, specialist librarians and researchers, and in a variety of industries including publishing, broadcasting and public relations.

Ancient History and Archaeology BA Honours (VV14) Newcastle University