Newcastle University


Newcastle University (NEWC-N21)

Name Department Designation Mobile Phone Number
Brigid Shaw Academic Centre Admissions Assistant
Gillian Weddell Admissions & Marketing
Joan Caethoven (Kate) Admissions Office
Rob Jones Dept. of Accounting & Finance
Paul Broadhead Faculty of Applied Science Admissions Assistant
Satnam Dlay Faculty of Science & Engineering Professor & Dean
Vicky Coombes Finance Student Support Secretary
Kirstie Marles Graduate Division Admissions Assistant
Fiona Rayner Graduate Division Admissions Assistant
Andrew Ho International Office International Officer
Alison Tate International Office International Manager
Mr Charles Magee International Office Assistant Director
Charles Magee International Office Assistant Director
Steve Yeaman Postgraduate Studies Office Director International Office
Sarah Tait School Recruitment Coordinator
Sarah Hunt Undergraduate Office (B15) Programme Officer
Helen Ferguson
Louise McCarthy
Lindsay Romero
Paul McIntosh
Nidhi Chopra
Chandra Vemury
Peter Compson
Preety Bansal
Lesley Mearns
Kathleen Graley
Sharon Anarcaya
Sarah Golightly
Rachel Lamb
Tracey T Conley Hogg
Michelle Embleton Team Leader
Lara Moore Reception
Pat Scott Programme Officer
Stephen North International Office
Barry H Hirst Dean
Debra Gray Co-ordinator
Ms Gillian Thompson Assistant Director
Beverly Hall Admissions Assistant