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Course Details

HND Diploma Performing Arts (TIE)

Course Description

The course has the potential to encourage learners to leave the course as an established tour TIE ( Theatre In Education ) company. The opportunity to explore the subject of performing arts through the field of Theatre in education. Learners will develop their skills in acting and performance whilst focussing on the Educational aspect of theatre. The Educational aspect will be further accentuated with the opportunity of each learner exploring teaching experience completing PTTLS course in their second year. The course is best suited for any one passionate about performing whilst looking to set up a touring theatre company as a professional Theatre In Education company.

Course Duration


Career outcomes

HND qualification allowing learners to advance to third year of a degree course and / or business proposal written in order to set up a professional theatre company.

HND Diploma Performing Arts (TIE) Hopwood Hall College