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Finance and Accounting - BSc (Hons)

Course Description

The course has been structured to provide the maximum possible number of exemptions – 9 papers in total – from the professional examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the global body for professional accountants. The degree syllabus has been carefully designed to combine the intellectual and practical aspects of finance and accountancy and so provide students with the required academic rigor, tempered with professional realism. In addition, the degree explores the concepts of business culture and business ethics: and introduces the key management functions across the whole spectrum of business activity. The result is that graduates are equipped with an array of transferable business skills, as well as technical knowledge of finance and accountancy practice.

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Career outcomes

At ARU London we believe that all students should expect that a business-orientated education should lead to a business-orientated career. To make this expectation a reality we make great efforts to equip all our students with The business and social skills; the work ethic; the analytical and problem solving abilities; the ambition to overcome challenges, that all go towards ensuring a successful future career. In addition, our careers advisors make use of the latest on-line facilities to ensure that before students start their future job search: they are knowledgeable about the varied and wide-ranging career opportunities that are open to them; they know how to construct an attractive employer friendly CV; they have mastered successful interview techniques; and they understand how to ensure that isometric and aptitude tests show off your strengths to their best advantage. Our aim is simple: to ensure that at the end of your undergraduate business education, you get the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice in a career that helps to fully realise your abilities and future potential.

Finance and Accounting - BSc (Hons) Anglia Ruskin University