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Animal and Environmental Sciences - Phd

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This interdisciplinary group is well-connected with industry and fellow research institutions worldwide. Its research activities span sustainability, ethical resource use and biodiversity loss in relation to wildlife, food production and animal-based leisure. Around 20 experts make up our group and we’ve particular strengths in animal behaviour and welfare; palaeoclimate research; ecosystem restoration; biodiversity and taxonomy. By combining this expertise with wider specialisms in statistical, genetic and chemical analysis, as well as GIS, we’ve been able to create exciting projects addressing today’s key issues. As a result our research has had real impact on the human-dominated and ‘natural’ landscapes, from furthering scientific understanding to shaping environmental policy and practice. With our wide-ranging expertise we're well-placed to provide the specialist supervision you need for your project – within an inspiring research community that values and involves its postgraduates. As part of your programme you’ll enjoy formal research training and opportunities to gain experience working with conservation NGOs and others based in Cambridge.

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Career outcomes

There are opportunities in our field for you to combine studying with working in an area relevant to your future career. This is especially so given that Cambridge is a major centre internationally for conservation non-government organisations and bodies such as The Cambridge Conservation Forum. You’ll also develop transferrable skills during your postgraduate research training, ranging from report-writing and presentation to statistical analysis and use of GIS packages.

Animal and Environmental Sciences - Phd Anglia Ruskin University