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Bachelor of Arts(Sociology)

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Sociology is a social science that involves the study of social behavior and interactions in family units, groups, organizations, institutions, communities and societies. Sociologists view the world through the lens of different cultures, social classes and social groups. The field trains students to use theoretical frameworks and scientific methods to examine questions about various aspects of social life such as workplace policies and corporate restructuring, the global economy, health and healthcare, religions and religious organizations, educational quality and achievement, technological changes and multi-cultural communication.

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Career outcomes

Students seeking a degree in sociology will be equipped with critical skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century workplace including critical thinking, analytic problem-solving, effective written and verbal communication, and an understanding of multi-cultural and global issues. Few fields incorporate such a broad knowledge base, skill set and application to the social world. Sociology graduates often are employed in areas such as sales and marketing, human resources, social science and marketing research, nonprofit services and administration, education and public relations.

Bachelor of Arts(Sociology) University of Texas at Dallas