Queen Mary University of London

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BA (Hons) English and German

Course Description

Studying English and a modern language gives you the opportunity to explore connections and interactions between cultural traditions. You will divide your time equally between the two subjects, following modules designed to help you develop your linguistic skills, and introducing you to a range of theoretical and critical approaches to English studies. In your third year, you normally spend a year abroad in a country where your chosen language is spoken – either studying or working, depending on your placement.

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Career outcomes

The broad range of skills gained through our programmes, coupled with multiple opportunities for extra-curricular activities and work experience, has enabled students to move into careers such as: Global Technical Support Representation Bloomberg Assistant Tour Manager Sony Trainee Manager Majestic Wine Training Centre Co-ordinator ESI International Fundraising Administrator Mildmay International International Product Analyst Meta-Pack Marketing Executive Mano Tutor Freelance Graduate Account Executive Hall & Partners Publishing Assistant Medikidz Journalist Self Employed Interpreter Self Employed English as a Foreign Language Teacher British Council.

BA (Hons) English and German Queen Mary University of London