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Ba(English and Modern Languages)

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The English side of the course offers you a choice from a list of papers covering all literature written in the English language from its origins in Anglo-Saxon through to works produced in English-speaking countries across the world in the present day. The Modern Language side of the course will give you practical linguistic training, encourage you to think coherently about language as a subject of study and introduce you to an extensive and fascinating field of Western literature and thought.

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Career outcomes

Graduates in English and Modern Languages go on to careers in fields including broadcasting, publishing, teaching, journalism, the theatre, administration, management, advertising, translation, librarianship and law. Knowledge of a modern language opens up opportunities for internationally-focused careers or careers with international companies or organisations. The Languages Work website has further information about careers using languages: www.languageswork.org.uk. Recent English and Modern Languages graduates include a marketing director, a consultant in environmental management and sustainability, and a journalist.

Ba(English and Modern Languages) Oxford University