California State University, Dominguez Hills

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Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences

Course Description

The undergraduate program in Behavioral Science is designed to provide the student with a broad systematic understanding of human behavior, and of the biological, psychological, cultural, political and social factors that influence such behavior. The program stresses the mastery of key behavioral science concepts; exposure to significant behavioral science theories drawn from psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science; the development and utilization of rigorous investigation, observation and research skills common to the behavioral sciences; and the ability to integrate knowledge across the behavioral sciences. The program provides practical knowledge and skills with enduring career applicability.

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Career outcomes

Completion of the strong and diversified Behavioral Science Program will enhance the student's chances for employment in the various helping professions, government and industry. Positions in communication, recreation, gerontology and health sciences would be likely options for behavioral science students. Moreover, the application of behavioral science knowledge and training would be beneficial in the solution of critical social and business problems.

Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences California State University, Dominguez Hills