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Bioarchaeology MSc

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This course is one of the first of its kind in the UK to give a unique perspective of investigating and interpreting past societies through the appreciation of their skeletal remains in the context of prevailing socio-cultural, political and economic circumstances. Our academic team of internationally known experts will offer a programme of study that puts theoretical knowledge into hands-on experiential learning in one of the best-equipped specialist laboratory settings in the country. Intensive training in human functional anatomy and skeletal examination will prepare you for the in-depth study of major aspects of the human life course, from demography to diet, disease, activity, mobility, genetics and mortuary behaviour. You also will be learning about the taphonomy and degradation of human remains as elements of critical appraisal of the source material. The course provides a dedicated progression of learning from mastery of advanced anatomical and diagnostic skills to the specialist understanding of contextualised human skeletal analysis, complemented by options of archaeozoology, field archaeology and post-excavation experience.

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Archaeologist Heritage manager Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer Academic researcher.

Bioarchaeology MSc Bournemouth University