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Doctor of Philosophy (Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine)

Course Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a program of significant original research. During the course of the degree the candidate will further develop their specialist knowledge in the field, and become highly skilled with deep methodological capacity. Depending on the field of specialisation, the degree culminates in a final written thesis. The Doctor of Philosophy is an internationally recognised research degree and is a pathway to an academic or research career.

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Career outcomes

The Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences and Medicine) provides you with research expertise as well as transferable skills that will prepare you for both academic and executive careers in academia, research and industry. Graduates at this level will have expert, specialised cognitive, technical and research skills in a discipline area to independently and systematically generate original knowledge and understanding to make a substantial contribution to a discipline or area of professional practice.

Doctor of Philosophy (Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine) Bond University