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Master of Science in Quality Assurance (Service and Health Care)

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The Master of Science in Quality Assurance (MSQA) is designed to prepare professionals in quality, engineering, science, and/or management for career advancement. Quality professionals are members of management teams where their specialized skills promote organizational excellence, reduce wastes, and improve existing processes. The traditional applications of Quality as related to product performance have evolved to most every industry, such as healthcare, finance, hospitality, and non-profits. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of the working professional. The program of study provides theoretical knowledge and analytical techniques, as well as management and communication skills that will enable the student to function in an active, decision-making capacity in the implementation of policies and practices. A unique feature of the MSQA program is that it gives students the ability to customize their program of study to include their areas of interest. During the course of the program students will acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas: managing a Quality organization; planning and implementing a Quality program; troubleshooting and solving quality problems; incorporating quality concepts and human factors techniques in the design of manufacturing operations; performing vendor surveys and assessing vendor quality; developing and analyzing statistical process control charts; developing and analyzing acceptance sampling plans; design of experiments; design and engineering of reliable products and processes; performing process capability studies; performing quality cost analyses; understanding and working with human behavior in the organization; performing reliability, maintainability, and safety systems reviews; performing quality system audits; and performing statistical studies and analyzing statistical reports. Options for a concentration in traditional manufacturing-focused Quality concepts, as well as applications specific to Healthcare and Service Industries are available. Online and on-site versions of the degree are available to serve working adults. The degree program is supported by local chapters of the ASQ- Global Voice of Quality Organization.

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Master of Science in Quality Assurance (Service and Health Care) California State University, Dominguez Hills