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General Arts and Science - One Year (Pembroke Campus)

Course Description

This one-year Ontario College Certificate program provides students with a general education in the arts and sciences and assists them in gaining the prerequisites needed for entry into a program at Algonquin or another institution. Students also have the opportunity to explore their career choices and experience college delivery of course material. Students can begin this program in either the Fall Term or the Winter Term. SUCCESS FACTORS This program is well-suited for students who: Want to explore their education and career options. Want to further develop their interpersonal communication skills. Want to experience studying at the postsecondary level. Want to gain the prerequisites required for other college programs.

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Career outcomes

A General Arts and Science Ontario College Certificate shows employers, colleges and universities that graduates have a demonstrated ability to learn at a postsecondary level, have enhanced skills in oral and written communication, can conduct research in a systematic manner and are flexible and open to meeting new challenges. These are important qualifications in a world where change is rapid and adaptability is an asset.

General Arts and Science - One Year (Pembroke Campus) Algonquin College