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General Arts and Science (Formerly GAS – Winter Intake)

Course Description

Students have the opportunity to begin postsecondary studies in January in the General Arts and Science Diploma program. The curriculum includes a wide-range of social science courses and provides students with a solid academic base. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills at the postsecondary level, explore their aptitudes and skills and may be guided to determine the educational and vocational path that is best suited for them. The January start program appeals to both new students and those exploring other postsecondary programs.

Course Duration


Career outcomes

A General Arts and Science Ontario College Certificate or Ontario College Diploma demonstrates to employers, colleges and universities that graduates have the ability to learn at a postsecondary level, have enhanced skills in oral and written communication, can conduct research in a systematic manner, and are flexible and open to meeting new challenges. These are important attributes in a world where change is rapid and adaptability is an asset.

General Arts and Science (Formerly GAS – Winter Intake) Algonquin College