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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program offered in collaboration with the University of Ottawa. It seeks to prepare the next generation of nurses to offer quality nursing care and to assume leadership within the healthcare system. Its mandate is to prepare generalist nurses (a) who can work in any place offering nursing care, (b) who have developed effective communication skills, (c) who use their critical thinking and analytical skills at work and (d) who are open to lifelong learning. The program also leads to graduate studies (MSc, MSc-PHCNP, PhD) in nursing sciences at the University of Ottawa. Students can be admitted to the collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program at either the University of Ottawa or Algonquin College site. Students generally study at the site they are admitted to; however, some courses in the program offered at the Woodroffe Campus are only available at the university. Upon graduation all students graduate with a BScN from the University of Ottawa.

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Career outcomes

Employment settings: hospitals, rehabilitation centres, long-term care, public health departments, community agencies, home care, schools, private industry, government, developing countries and disaster-relief areas.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Algonquin College