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Bachelor of Applied Business (E-Business Supply Chain Management)

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This four-year laptop Bachelor of Applied Business (e-Business Supply Chain Management) degree is a unique program committed to the development of capable, creative professionals ready to embark on action-oriented, multi-dimensional careers in private and public business. These organizations are placing ever-greater emphasis on the improvement and integration of their supply chains and business processes using current business analysis methods and enterprise application technologies. A primary focus of the program is to produce graduates who, through the development of sound research and analytical skills, can clearly articulate thoughts and ideas, and develop relevant, clear, well-organized, and concise written material and presentations. Supply chain management and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Graduates apply current business process improvement methodologies in order to assist in the development of more effective business and technology solutions. Three paid cooperative work terms are a mandatory component of the program. This program is part of Algonquin's mobile learning initiative. All students entering into the program are expected to have and use a laptop or mobile computing device that meets or exceeds the recommended hardware requirements as designated by the program. Students in mobile learning programs will use their devices to enhance their learning experience, obtain and work with course materials, participate in collaborative and mlearning environments and become skilled, confident users of the technologies used within an educational environment and workplace. Hardware and software specifications are outlined at Computers and supplies can be purchased directly from Algonquin's New Technology Store at educational rates.

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Career outcomes

Graduates of the program have been successful in securing employment in any supply chain function or related technology and are creative developers and appliers of new technology and business processes. On the supply side, graduates work in procurement, contract management, and supplier relationship management. On the demand side, graduates may be employed in forecasting, customer relationship management and distribution systems. Internal to an organization, graduates specialize in production and quality along with capacity/resource management. Related to the supply chain in general, graduates are business analysts, enterprise application consultants, project managers and logisticians. eSCM professionals are responsible for creating and executing the plans of organizations and using business analysis to improve processes in all industry sectors. They work at the core of every business to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Call it "action central" or "where the rubber hits the road," eSCM managers make things happen.

Bachelor of Applied Business (E-Business Supply Chain Management) Algonquin College