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Aero-Mechanical Engineering MEng

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Mechanical engineers are recognised for their knowledge and skills in conceiving, designing, implementing and operating devices, machines, engines and energy systems. You'll learn how to design aircraft engines, control systems, landing gear and about the many complex parts which sustain flight. Many of the aero-related topics, such as aerodynamics and lightweight structures, are of special interest and value to a wide variety of engineering activities outside the field of aeronautics. Graduates from the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering - which is consistently rated in the top 10 such departments in the UK - are part of a new breed of engineer who can take on challenges ranging from traditional industries to areas such as new materials, sustainable development and aerospace.

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Career outcomes

With skills including analytical, numeracy and problem solving, Mechanical Engineering graduates are suited to a wide range of career opportunities. Recent MEng Aero Mechanical Engineering graduates have been recruited in areas such as aerospace, automotive, consulting, defence, energy, oil and gas and shipbuilding. Job titles include Product Design Engineer, Aero-dynamist, Aeronautical Engineer and Aerospace Engineer. Where are they now? 80% of our graduates are in work or further study.** Recent job titles include: Aero-Dynamist Aero-Mechanical Engineer Aeronautical Engineer Aerospace Engineer Design Engineer Graduate Design Engineer Mechanical Design Engineer Mechanical Engineer Nuclear Graduate Trainee Production Planner Project Engineer

Aero-Mechanical Engineering MEng University of Strathclyde