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Acoustics & Music Technology MSc

Course Description

Taking the science of musical sound as your focus, you’ll work in a cross-disciplinary environment, using theoretical and experimental work to explore the musical, technical and multimedia applications of acoustics and audio technology. The programme aims to: provide a broadly based, scientifically oriented foundation in the area of music, acoustics and audio technology develop skills in research, computation, design and analytical problem-solving create a multidisciplinary learning environment that will prepare the student for careers in which a strong understanding of music/audio technology is required develop an ability to appreciate, understand and develop the creative potential of sound design

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Career outcomes

A knowledge of the science behind music and music production can prove a great asset in your career. Qualified technicians and producers are in demand in all areas of music, as are acoustic scientists. The programme will provide you with the perfect foundation for further study if you’d prefer to continue on an academic path. The highly transferable skills you’ll gain in communication and project management will also take you further up whichever career ladder you choose to climb.

Acoustics & Music Technology MSc University of Edinburgh