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BA (Hons) Combined Creative Writing

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If you think of yourself as a creative person and enjoy reading and writing, then a combined honours degree in Creative Writing might be the perfect choice for you. Perhaps you have enjoyed studying literature and have admired the skills that the great writers of the past and present have brought to the subjects and themes that excite you. Well, why not become a creative writer yourself? Whether you want to write fiction, poetry, drama, film scripts, biography, journals or travel books, a course in Creative Writing will help you develop the techniques and skills you need to become an effective writer. We place Creative Writing in a broad context, giving you an opportunity to practise writing in a variety of forms, styles and genres. Good creative writers are able to bring their creative skills to bear on many different kinds of writing. All writers, even the best in one field, have to write in a variety of ways: the successful novelist, for instance, usually also has to write factual prose, journalism, reviews, criticism, and essays. Our Creative Writing course recognises the importance of the range of writing skills to the student who wishes later to apply their expertise to a range of possible employment situations. We also believe in the importance of exploring the skills, methods and techniques of some of the greatest authors of the past and present. To write good fiction you need to understand how other writers have met the challenges of characterisation, point of view, narrative voice, and plot. The good poet needs to know what poetic forms are possible, and how these have been used by others. But the most important part of your work will be the writing of your own prose, poetry and drama. You will be taught be a dynamic team of experienced tutors, scholars, writers, and editors (see ‘Meet the staff’). Students at Chester have also had readings, talks, and workshops by a wide range of guest speakers: published novelists, poets, short-story and children’s authors, playwrights, script writers, biographers, travel writers, and editors.

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The course will prepare you for a wide range of jobs including: Jobs directly related to your degree: * Newspaper journalist * Editorial assistant * Writer * Advertising account executive * Advertising copywriter * English as a foreign language teacher * Lexicographer Jobs where your degree would be useful: * Arts administrator * Academic librarian, information officer, records manager * Charity officer * Marketing executive * Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video * Public relations officer * Runner, broadcasting/film/video You will be equipped with transferable skills which are valued by employers such as: * creativity; * working independently; * time management skills; * ability to plan and research written work; * effectively conveying arguments and opinions; * using judgement when weighing up different options and alternative perspectives; * skills in critical reasoning and analysis. If you are studying this course on a combined basis you should look at options with both subjects. For further information please visit:

BA (Hons) Combined Creative Writing University of Chester