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Bachelor in Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice Criminal Justice. Are you interested in the fields of criminal justice, criminology, and law? UAB's Department of Justice Sciences will help you explore those fields and give you the opportunity to concentrate in areas such as computer forensics/cybercrime, corrections, criminology, forensic science, juvenile justice, law, and policing. What are the program strengths? Our primary mission is to help you develop the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the field of criminal justice, including: major theoretical explanations of crime/delinquency the logic and procedures associated with the research process, including understanding statistical inference and hypothesis testing the substantive, procedural, and operational aspects of the criminal justice system and its processes the ethical foundations for the system You will benefit from our large internship program, interesting lecture series, hands-on lab work, and student organizations.

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Criminal justice careers include professional positions in probation departments, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions for juveniles or adults, parole offices, or community treatment and service settings. Related careers include research personnel in law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions; auxiliary personnel in specialized fields of communication and laboratory work; private investigative agencies; counselors; rehabilitation counselors; and staff personnel in private youth agencies such as Big Brother/Big Sister programs, halfway houses, and residential treatment centers. Criminal Justice is an excellent pre-law program for persons planning a career in public law (prosecution, defense, government legal representation).

Bachelor in Criminal Justice University of Alabama at Birmingham