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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science - Level 7

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UCOL's Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science aims to develop independent and confident individuals with specialised knowledge in the area of physical conditioning, related to both health and sport performance. Learn how the body responds, adapts to, and recovers after exercise, how diet affects performance, and how health conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease can be managed under an exercise programme. You will also learn how to test, train and motivate sports athletes and teams to reach peak performance. All of this will be passed on to you by our highly skilled and enthusiastic lecturers in your classrooms - UCOL’s two Exercise Physiology Testing Laboratories and fully equipped gym. Client interaction, via practical clinical experience, is a key component of UCOL's Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science.

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Career outcomes

Graduates of UCOL's Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science will: possess a sound knowledge of scientific principles to enable safe application of clinical exercise and physical conditioning intervention strategies at all levels of human performance; possess the ability to perform as an effective professional within the exercise industry; be accountable for and critically evaluate their professional standards and activities; be equipped for continued learning, intellectual development, critical analysis and creativity; possess business and interpersonal skills necessary to advance their professional practice and standing; demonstrate leadership skills and work effectively as members of a team; possess the skills and knowledge to work as part of a medical and/or community team to provide assistance for people with special needs and/or musculoskeletal problems. UCOL's Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science degree can open up an exciting array of job opportunities in the sports, exercise and health sectors in New Zealand and overseas. Take inspiration from UCOL Exercise and Sport Science Lecturer, Hayden Pritchard. Employment options include: Personal training (REPs accredited) Health education/promotion Physical activity and nutrition advising Health coordination Exercise rehabilitation Athletic training Sports conditioning/training Sports coordination Sports analysis Teaching (following one year at Teachers College)

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science - Level 7 UCOL-Universal college of learning