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Graphic Information Technology (MSTech)

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The MSTech with a concentration in graphic information technology provides students with the opportunity to study in the various areas of the graphics industry. These areas include the following: 3-D modeling animation commercial photography and technical imaging multimedia variable data digital printing and publishing Internet and Web development The courses offered in this degree program provide students with a working knowledge of the technology and management required of the global cross media graphics industry. This program focuses on cross media publishing and graphic imaging and is not a traditional information technology, computer science, computer information systems or information systems management program. The addition of e-media channels such as the searchable Web, tablet, smart mobile cell, social media, digital print, etc., has created new opportunities in the global industry. Changes and developments in communications technology affect everyone in the value chain to include the following: publishers, designers, premedia houses, printers and Web and multimedia developers. The degree program has two campus options: ASU Online or Polytechnic campus. Either campus program can be done completely at a distance. It is recommended that applicants inquire about differences in the two campus options before applying. The applicant chooses the campus when completing the online Graduate College application. The campus cannot be changed once selected.

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Graphic information technology prepares graduates for technical and management positions in the diverse graphic communication and information technology industries, such as: commercial and technical imaging internet and web development management of graphic information assets planning and evaluation of print, Internet, multimedia and computer-based communications pre-media, digital printing and publishing quality assurance of graphic products technical and digital media production

Graphic Information Technology (MSTech) Arizona State University